Y61 Patrol GR 2.8tdi and 3.0tdi

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Tm_lo_kl.jpg (4523 bytes) Almost standard,... what makes this 4x4 special is the Trailmaster Suspension kit + 6 cm

Mod_27_3.jpg (17221 bytes) Bg_lo_kl.jpg (3368 bytes) 33" tall BFGoodrich tires

US_Lo_kl.jpg (2830 bytes) US Wheels 10x15

Mod_27_4.jpg (19266 bytes) PB_lo_kl.gif (2078 bytes)

PROBAR 60mmPushbar in Stainless steel handpolished to get mirror finish and no visible weldings

The carter protection is a much asked option voor the Patrol GR.

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Some off the pictured items are in Belgium NISSAN DEALER EXCLUSIVE !

ask for details.