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D22 NAVARA double cab

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A Bodyliftkit fitted from 7,5cm makes the D22 more mature and gives the possebility to mount larger diameter tires.
The Kit is developped by "DIRK's 4x4 SHOP" and works with first brand components.
Mod_25_6.jpg (20308 bytes) PB_lo_kl.gif (2078 bytes) Probar delivers a stainless steel winchbumper for both Hydraulic and electric winches, the finish is Hand-polish with no visible weldings!
Mod_25_5.jpg (10487 bytes) Sa_Lo_kl.jpg (6193 bytes) Safari snorkel not only looks cool it protects your engine from fatal waterintake.
Mod_25_4.jpg (11823 bytes) Lo_Alu_kl.jpg (3258 bytes) The Aludeck is equipped with the optional Styling bar in 60mm and is hand polished to get a mirror finish.
The lugage rack is also in stainless steel.

Lo_ea_kl.jpg (3332 bytes) The 4 lights are also 6" from Eagle Eye.

Mod_25_7.jpg (19010 bytes) Bg_lo_kl.jpg (3368 bytes) BFGoodrich has the best Mud-terrain tire that give your lifted D22 a more adventurous look.

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Some off the pictured items are in Belgium NISSAN DEALER EXCLUSIVE !

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